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Nothing works without suppliers – At the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles they will clearly demonstrate their strength in innovations

Berlin, 30 August 2018

Exciting solutions for electric mobility, digitization, connectivity and automated driving

Smart solutions for the mobility of tomorrow are inseparably intertwined with successful development partnerships between supply companies. The most important international trade show for transport, mobility and logistics, the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hannover, attracts more suppliers than any other trade fair in the world, who will present their new developments. The large number of world premieres from suppliers underscores their great drive for innovation. The show will focus on the megatrends of digitization, connectivity, automated driving, alternative powertrains and safety.

In the immediate and near future, sensors and cameras will enable commercial vehicles to see and hear. High-resolution monitors and cameras will replace exterior mirrors and eliminate all the blind spots. That will also improve safety – especially in urban situations such as turning. Furthermore, the absence of large exterior mirror housings enhances the vehicle’s aerodynamics and thus reduces its fuel consumption.

Microphones pick up external sounds and send them to computers. Artificial intelligence helps to evaluate the sounds around the trucks and distinguishes between horns and road noise, for example.

The driver’s smartphone creates a large number of new possibilities. From keys and driving authorization all the way to health checks during the journey, the suppliers are using mobile communication to connect the vehicle, driver and control center. Mobile services organize the entire logistics chain, from order to delivery, and also provide information online about the condition of the vehicle and driver’s concentration.

E-mobility is being disseminated by powertrain systems that can be incorporated into existing vehicle concepts, for example as a fully electrified axle. The suppliers’ innovations in this segment range from various battery-electric powertrain concepts to fuel cells. The applications for electric mobility – which has zero local emissions – include new ideas for cargo bikes as solutions to logistical challenges on the “last mile.”

However, the suppliers’ innovations at the 67th IAA are not restricted to the mega-topics. Other areas in logistics and passenger transport are also covered. For example, there are clever solutions for illuminating parked trailers, and for the smooth lowering of articulated buses to curb height to make them easily accessible.

In addition, the New Mobility World (NMW) at the IAA provides an important platform showcasing the trends of digitization, connectivity, automated driving and alternative powertrains. It is a fascinating place where technology companies, the automotive industry, mobility providers, startups, the digital economy and decision-makers from politics, academia, the media and society will come together to discuss the future of mobility, demonstrate innovations, and make the mobility of tomorrow something to experience. Visitors to the NMW will also discover how digitization is influencing their own companies, and decision-makers will report on the associated challenges.

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