IAA Press Day focuses on SMEs

Berlin, 10 September 2018

Around 30 SMEs will present their products and innovations at the Press Meet & Greet on the Press Day of the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form an even stronger focus of this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles. At the new media event entitled Press Meet & Greet on September 19, 2018, around 30 SMEs will make presentations in the large foyer of the IAA Convention Center. Journalists will have a chance to get to know numerous companies and their products in just a short time.

“The small and medium-sized exhibitors are the backbone of our industry and of the IAA Commercial Vehicles. They account for the majority of the approximately 2,100 exhibitors. We want the new event format on the Press Day to provide additional support to these companies and strengthen media contacts with them. The innovations of small and medium-sized suppliers in particular make a major contribution to the value creation and success in the commercial vehicle industry,” said Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

The range of companies’ presentations at the Press Meet & Greet is huge, from alternative powertrains to safety systems. For example, two firms are showing turning assistance and camera systems for trucks. One exhibitor has developed a hydrogen combustion engine for commercial vehicles. Other companies will display innovations for load-securing, components that improve drive-train efficiency, air-conditioning systems, electronics and a lot more besides.

The Press Meet & Greet will take place on the Press Day, September 19, 2018, from 15:00 to 16:00 h in the main foyer of the Convention Center on the IAA grounds in Hannover. No press conferences are scheduled at the IAA during that period. Accredited journalists can attend without needing to register.

The following companies are making presentations at the Press Meet & Greet: Adöksan, Aluwing, Astrata, Autocom, Block, Dörken, dynaCERT, Eltek, E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate, Fluid-o-Tech, General Cab, GTÜ, Keyou, Konvekta, Liebherr Components, LUIS Technology, Mobil Elektronik, Motec, Oerlikon, Orbcomm, Re-Fire, Serrature Meroni, Stalatube, Thermamax, Unicla, Urban Arrow and W.A.G. Payment Solutions.

You can find full information about the IAA at: www.iaa.de.


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