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VDA President Bernhard Mattes comments on the Brexit vote

Berlin, 15 January 2019

“Today’s majority decision in the House of Commons does a disservice to the country. Now a disorderly Brexit is becoming more and more likely. The consequences of a no-deal scenario would be fatal. The political players in Britain must understand the implications of their actions. Rejecting the withdrawal agreement without having a concrete workable alternative is politically irresponsible. All those involved should now act in a reasoned manner and work to avert a hard Brexit. In this situation, it could also make sense to postpone the withdrawal date, if that might bring substantial progress.

A hard Brexit would have severe consequences for citizens and companies in both Britain and Europe. There are extremely close ties between the businesses on either side of the English Channel. Without orderly and practicable solutions for commercial trade, jobs in the automotive industry will be at risk – especially in Britain.”

Eckehart Rotter
Eckehart Rotter Head of Department Press

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