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Award local 5G spectrum as quickly as possible

Frankfurt/Berlin, 28 January 2019

Joint press release by VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI

After the announcement of the bidders for Germany’s 5G spectrum bandwidth, the industry associations VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI issued the following statement:

The award of local spectrum in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz range must now be taken forward as quickly as possible by Germany’s network regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur. The 100 MHz band promised in May 2018 must be made available to industry in full without delay.

The industry associations VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI welcome the fact that four mobile communications companies will bid in the nationwide 5G auction instead of three as originally expected. This will encourage competition and make the overall process more dynamic. But it must not restrict the award of local frequencies because Germany needs rapid allocation of all the promised local frequencies if it is to become the leading market and the leading provider in industrial 5G applications.

Local frequencies form the basis for private 5G networks at plants and for spatially confined industrial applications. They give our member companies the necessary flexibility for expanding 5G so that it will be secure, swift and powerful, independently of network operators. Local networks supplement expansion to provide universal network coverage by the mobile communications operators and guarantee the 5G connection density needed for industrial applications.

This joint appeal from the largest industry associations in Germany is made in the interests of over three million industrial jobs.

Contacts for the press:

Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI, German chemical industry association)

Press contact: Manfred Ritz, tel.: +49 69 2556-1550, e-mail:

German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)

Press contact: Eckehart Rotter, tel.: +49 30 897842-120, e-mail:

Mechanical and Engineering Industry Association (VDMA)

Press contact: Holger Paul, tel.: +49 69 6603-1922, e-mail:

ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association

Press contact: Nina Klimpel Maciel, tel.: +49 69 6302-403, e-mail:

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