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Continental wins VDA Logistics Award 2019

Munich/Berlin, 06 February 2019

New cloud solution enables real-time analyses of the supply chain and continuous digital monitoring of capacity risks

The VDA Logistics Award for 2019 goes to Continental. The jury decided to honor the company’s cloud solution for real-time analyses of the supply chains, which can recognize potential bottlenecks in the shortest time if materials fail to be delivered. This means that stocks and production programs can be rerouted to avoid disrupting deliveries.

The award ceremony was held at the Forum Automotive Logistics in Munich. Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed: “The VDA Logistics Award pays tribute to logistics projects that can act as role models for the entire industry and point up the decisive role that automotive logistics plays in the success of our industry. This year’s laureates have an exemplary concept showing just how fast the automotive industry is digitizing its supply chain. The winning project is an impressive demonstration of what digital, connected supply chain management 4.0 can achieve.”

Continental wishes to use the prize-winning concept to markedly shorten the time taken for information to arrive if there is a chance of a supply failure. Additionally, a holistic risk and allocation management system will be set up – by adding a continuous supply-chain risk assessment to existing processes. This will be based on a database that integrates supplier and customer data. Individual and manual calculation of the number of customers receiving a particular final product will be replaced by automated information requests and global simulation. This will reduce the time taken to send customers the information they require from 48 to 12 hours. Big Data and cloud technologies will also be applied. As a result, real-time analyses and continuous monitoring of capacity risks will be possible in a newly created supply chain monitor. The new concept is being rolled out and the process should be completed by the end of 2019.

“Thanks to Risk Management 4.0, our vision of the digital supply chain is becoming reality. With our connected supply chain, we can achieve greater efficiency and security and react flexibly to increasingly complex conditions,” explains Jürgen Braunstetter, Head of Automotive Supply Chain Management at Continental. “I am very proud that the entire Continental team impressed the VDA Logistics Award jury with their extraordinary performance.”

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