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Classic car prices show only modest rise in 2018

Berlin, 25 March 2019

VDA’s German Classic Car Index adds 2.2 percent – Relatively small increases last year

In 2018 there were again only modest rises in the prices of classic cars in Germany. The overall increase was 2.2 percent, little higher than the rate of inflation. In 2017 the rise was 1.4 percent, which was actually even smaller. These increases are rather low in comparison to the long term trend. The German Classic Car Index has been calculated annually since 1999. It started with a basic value of 1,000 points, and over the last 20 years it has added 160 percent in Germany.

Despite slower price developments on the market as a whole, the values of certain individual models showed stronger growth in 2018, led by one particular German car from the 1970s. Last year the BMW 3.0 CSi enjoyed a huge surge in its value. The rarity of this model is probably one reason for the increase. Today only 441 of these BMW sports coupés are still registered. By contrast, the VW Beetle is the most common classic car in Germany, and in 2018 it recorded the second largest price rise. In the past the Beetle was a cheap car but owing to its age it now needs more elaborate repairs or restorations, which are reflected in the price.

A look at the 20-year price trends reveals that the top three places have not changed since last year. Top of the ranking is the VW Type 2 Bus, ahead of the iconic Citroën 2 CV and the ever more popular BMW 3-Series. Fourth and fifth places are now taken by the BMW 3.0 CS and the VW Beetle owing to their positive developments in 2018. In all, eight of the top 10 vehicles are German brands.

The German Classic Car Index was launched by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Together with the specialist valuers classic-analytics in Bochum, a system has been developed for tracking changes in the prices of the most common classic cars in Germany. The process is based on an evaluation of 88 representative vehicles, weighted according to their numbers registered for road use. Vehicles that fetch especially high prices because of their rarity value or history are not included.

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