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Statement from the VDA on today’s vote in the European Parliament on revision of the General Safety Regulation (GSR)

Berlin, 16 April 2019

The European Commission’s initiative for revising the General Safety Regulation (GSR) will improve road safety. It will enhance the safety of vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users. We support these developments. The introduction of binding regulations will significantly increase the market penetration of active safety systems in cars and commercial vehicles.

For successful implementation it is important to take the product development times into consideration. The Commission should now define the precise technical requirements for the measures envisaged as soon as possible, so that manufacturers and suppliers can swiftly begin developing and implementing the relevant products. In the light of ongoing global harmonization of the regulations, all the requirements should be aligned with UNECE provisions. New regulations should be introduced in UNECE initially. Until now, technical requirements have not been formulated for many applications – such as intelligent adaptive cruise control, fatigue detection system, driver distraction monitoring and the tire pressure monitoring system for heavy commercial vehicles.

Eckehart Rotter
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