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Strong expansion on US market – Statistical effect leads to falling figures in Europe

Berlin, 18 September 2019

Contraction in China, Brazil and Russia – Growth in Japan

Trends on the international vehicle markets varied in August. Whereas the US market recorded double-digit growth, in Europe (EU-28 & EFTA) sales declined sharply. The markets in China, Brazil and Russia also contracted. Japan, by contrast, expanded, while passenger car sales in India slumped.

The European market recorded negative growth rates last month, owing to the high level of sales in August 2018 boosted by purchases brought forward. New passenger car registrations came to 1.1 million units, down by 9 percent. Sales also fell on the five largest national markets. New registrations in Germany lost 1 percent. Single-digit falls also occurred in the United Kingdom (-2 percent) and Italy (-3 percent). Double-digit decreases were recorded in France (-14 percent) and Spain (-30 percent). After the first eight months of 2019, the European passenger car market reached a volume of 10.8 million vehicles (-3 percent).

The US light vehicle market (basic cars and light trucks) grew strongly last month. Sales climbed 11 percent to 1.6 million new vehicles. One of the major reasons for the keen growth was that the month included five weekends – one more than August 2018. The year-to-date market volume now totals 11.4 million light vehicles, which equals last year’s level. The trend toward light trucks is continuing. Sales in this segment have risen by 4 percent since the beginning of the year, while sales of basic cars have lost 8 percent.

On the Chinese market, 1.6 million passenger cars were sold in August, i.e. 8 percent less than in the same month last year. Since January the market volume has fallen by 12 percent to 13.1 million new vehicles.

In India, August passenger car sales amounted to 196,500 (-32 percent). One main reason for this is the crisis in the country’s shadow banking system, which provides finance for a large proportion of new vehicles. The Indian market totaled 2.0 million units from January to August – a decline of 16 percent.

Passenger car sales in Japan rose by 5 percent last month (317,200 units). Year-to-date sales on the Japanese car market show a slender increase to 3.0 million new vehicles (+1 percent).

Russia’s automobile business contracted slightly in August, reaching 145,500 units (-1 percent). Since the beginning of this year 1.1 million light vehicles have been sold, over 2 percent less than during the same period in 2018.

Light vehicle sales in Brazil fell by 3 percent in August. The market volume came to 231,500 units. In the first eight months of 2019 the Brazilian market added 9 percent (1.7 million vehicles).

  August 2019 January-August 2019
  Units Change
19/18 in %
Units Change
19/18 in %
Europe (EU28+EFTA)*1) 1,074,200 -8.6 10,830,900 -3.2
European Union (EU-28)*1) 1,041,900 -8.4 10,520,200 -3.2
Western Europe(EU15+EFTA) 1) 932,500 -8.4 9,791,400 -3.6
New EU Countries (EU13)*1) 141,700 -9.5 1,039,500 1.2
Russia* 2) 145,500 -1.3 1,114,300 -2.3
USA* 3) 1,638,300 10.5 11,433,200 0.1
Japan 4) 317,200 4.9 2,982,300 0.6
Brazil* 5) 231,500 -3.4 1,716,200 8.8
India 6) 196,500 -31.6 1,954,100 -15.5
China 7) 1,623,000 -7.7 13,067,000 -12.3

Sources: 1) National Associatons 2) AEB 3) WardsAuto 4) JAMA 5) ANFAVEA

*without Malta

*Light Vehicles

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