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5G campus networks: industry welcomes the conditions for awarding spectrum for local broadband

Frankfurt/Berlin, 20 November 2019

The four industry associations VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI comment on the conditions for awarding spectrum for local broadband, which came into force on November 20

Joint press statement from VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI

The industry associations welcome the conditions for awarding spectrum for industrial and agricultural mobile communications networks in the frequency range from 3.7 to 3.8 GHz. Now the planning, installation and configuration of private 5G mobile networks can start. This gives Germany an opportunity to become both the leading market and the leading provider for industrial mobile communications applications.

The fees for the frequencies are based on the desired bandwidth, the size of the area covered, the duration of the usage and the intended use itself. Furthermore, the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) is offering short-term allocations with bandwidths of 10 MHz. They will enable construction sites, events and seasonal agricultural activities lasting up to one month to be served several times a year. From the viewpoint of the four industry associations, both offers from the Bundesnetzagentur are SME-friendly and therefore attractive to small and mid-sized firms in particular.

Several dozen industrial companies have already registered their interest in mobile communications frequencies for local campus networks with the Bundesnetzagentur, because these networks offer the following advantages:

  • Replacement of existing networks (e.g. WiFi)
  • Better coverage of the entire corporate premises
  • Full control over the firm’s own data
  • Fewer disruptions than with public mobile networks
  • Better performance parameters for latency, data rate and number of participants

Some companies will operate their own mobile networks, while others will look for partners among network providers or the network equipment industry. Overall, the industry associations see the conditions as an important step in the industrial use of 5G technology in Germany.

The four industry associations VCI, VDA, VDMA and ZVEI represent the interests of over three million employees in German industry.


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VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association)

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ZVEI (Germany’s Electrical Industry)

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