Mobility is key to overcoming the corona crisis

    Berlin, March 25, 2020

    Joint declaration by BVZF, IVM and VDA – Using cars, bicycles, motor scooters and motorcycles can minimize risk of infection and relieve local public transport – Workshops and bicycle shops should not have to close

    In view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, the cycling association Bundesverband Zukunft Fahrrad (BVZF), the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) issued the following declaration:

    The most important goal in the coming weeks will be to contain the virus – above all, to prevent overloading of the health system. At the same time, people must be able to travel to work, visit a doctor, go shopping or look after other family members in safety.

    Personal mobility stands for stability and continuity, also in times of crisis. Given the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19, we are making a joint appeal for a responsible approach to using cars, bicycles, motor scooters, motorcycles and local public transport that takes account of the risks. People’s health is the top priority. Using one’s own car, bicycle, motor scooter or motorcycle helps to protect against infection and can make a crucial contribution to reducing the risks. The lower the number of people who have to use local public transport, the safer it will be for those who have no alternative.

    To safeguard mobility and overcome the crisis, it will be essential for people and for society that motor vehicle workshops, bicycle shops and gas stations remain open.

    We must combat the danger to health and life responsibly and with consideration for others. We want our initiative to help minimize the infection risk and simultaneously secure the essential mobility of the population at large.



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