Expanding private charging infrastructure is key support to ramp-ing-up electric mobility

    Berlin, July 07, 2020

    Joint paper from VDA, BDEW and GdW

    Electric mobility is a key component of the climate-friendly mobility of the future. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and the German Association of Housing and Property Companies (GdW) have therefore issued a joint paper appealing to politicians to improve the regulatory conditions for expanding private charging infrastructure. Private charging accounts for around 85 percent of all charging operations and therefore represents key support that can boost the ramp-up electric mobility.

    In the document, the associations express their support for stepping up state assistance for installing and setting up private charging infrastructure. New impetus is necessary, especially in condominiums, to reduce the considerable initial investment threshold. The Government’s economic stimulus package envisages funding for the expansion of a modern and secure charging infrastructure, including half a billion euros to promote both private and commercial charging facilities.

    The Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG) and the Condominium Modernization Act (WEMoG) should create the necessary regulatory conditions for installing charging equipment. The associations are calling for the legislative procedures to be concluded rapidly. Implementation should give consideration to the required ramp-up, feasibility, the concerns of all market participants and the effects on housing costs.

    In order to identify and resolve organizational and process-related difficulties with charging in apartment buildings, the VDA, BDEW and GdW propose a joint initiative for charging at home. This would involve energy suppliers, network operators, property companies and vehicle manufacturers advancing the needs-driven installation of charging infrastructure at selected locations. The aim is to develop reproducible solutions for private charging in residential urban settings in order to support the market ramp-up of electric mobility.


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