Electric cars achieve a new record share of the German car market

    Berlin, September 02, 2021

    Total market, domestic production and exports show falling figures

    In August a total of 193,300 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany. That was 23 percent less than in the same month last year. In the first eight months of this year, 1.8 million cars were newly registered, which was 2 percent higher than the 2020 result. However, the number of newly registered cars was down by over a quarter in comparison with the same period in 2019, so the German passenger car market is still a long way from its pre-crisis level.

    New registrations of electric passenger cars rose by 61 percent in August to 53,400 units, with e-cars accounting for 27.6 percent of all new registrations. This was a major step up from the previous record from December last year. New registrations of battery-electric cars (BEVs) added 80 percent, while those of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) grew by 43 percent.

    New orders arriving from Germany showed an 8 percent year-on-year rise for the month of August. Orders for the year-to-date have added 7 percent. Foreign business eased off somewhat last month, with the German OEMs recording a 21-percent reduction in orders. However, the total number of orders from other countries since January has grown by 17 percent.

    Production at German automotive plants fell again in August. In all, 133,600 passenger cars were built (-32 percent). Domestic production amounted to 2.1 million cars (+5 percent) in the first eight months of 2021. Last month production was again held back by shortages of semiconductors. Exports also decreased in August, with sales to other countries totaling 107,700 units (-33 percent). This year so far, 1.6 million cars have been supplied to customers around the globe (+7 percent).

      August 2021 Jan. - August 2021
    Personenkraftwagen *) Anzahl Veränderung
    21/20 in %
    Anzahl Veränderung
    21/20 in %
    Neuzulassungen 193.300 -23 1.820.600 2
        dt. Marken inkl. Konzernmarken 124.400 -27 1.265.400 3
        ausl. Marken 68.900 -14 555.200 2
    Export 107.700 -33 1.616.600 7
    Produktion 133.600 -32 2.114.300 5

    *) z.T. vorläufig

    Quelle: VDA/KBA