Future Tech Day: VDA as an enabler for synergies between automotive start-ups and medium-sized companies

    Berlin, June 29, 2022

    Enormous potential for win-win situations - jointly developing technologies and standards for the mobility of the future

    On June 30, the Urban Colab in Munich will become a platform for cooperation, networking and future ideas from medium-sized companies and automotive start-ups. Organized by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the 'Future Tech Day' takes place here as a face-to-face event. It also sees itself as a forum for future mobility.

    "As the VDA, we are enablers here: With the Future Tech Day, we are providing the companies in our industry with a platform in the midst of the fundamental transformation, where well-known and new players can meet and identify opportunities for cooperation on digital and technical challenges in an open exchange and use. There is endless potential here to develop joint solutions for digital and climate-neutral mobility in the future," explains VDA President Hildegard Müller.

    Both sides can learn and benefit from each other: "Start-ups often bring agile working methods and quick business decisions with them, from which the big players can learn. Conversely, corporates and SMEs can primarily convince with their network, sales networks, production capacities, capital, experience, etc. All in all, there is enormous potential for win-win situations here," says Müller.

    With the Future Tech Day, the VDA not only supports medium-sized companies and start-ups in starting potential partnerships and cooperations, but also helps them to develop a general understanding of different communication and approaches.

    The potential is huge, emphasizes Müller: "Many of our suppliers are hidden champions and can help start-ups to grow and meet high demand and build up sales channels. In addition, as mentors with many years of tech expertise, they can be of enormous help. Conversely, start-ups can support medium-sized companies with their ideas and solutions in mastering ever new digital and technical challenges."

    The Future Tech Day opens the doors to the worldwide network of established companies for promising automotive start-ups: "Today we also want to show here that Germany, with its globally admired medium-sized companies and its innovative start-ups, can offer enormous mutual synergies through joint cooperation, business relationships and investments. Together we want to develop the most innovative technologies for the transformation to climate-neutral mobility and set the standards worldwide, especially in the area of networking and digital mobility offers."

    Press & Digital Affairs

    Simon Schütz

    Head of Department