New car registrations increase in September

    Berlin, October 05, 2022

    Production and exports once more on the rise – Figures still well below pre-crisis levels – Number of electric cars at highest point this year

    224,800 cars were newly registered in Germany in September, 14% more than in September of last year. In the first nine months of this year there was a total of nearly 1.9 million new vehicles, a good 7% less than in the same period the previous year.

    Compared to 2019, before the crisis began, there is a turnover deficit of 32% this year so far. Despite fewer overall new registration figures, growth was still achieved this past month. The global shortage of semiconductors was reflected in the figures in September of last year. The shortage of precursors and intermediate goods, and the general uncertainty due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, are also hampering market and production growth.

    New registrations of electric cars increased by nearly 29% in September, thereby achieving a volume of 72,800 units. The number of electric cars among all new registrations last month was 32.4%, the highest level this year so far. The new registrations of purely battery-powered cars (BEV) increased by 32%, while plug-in hybrids (PHEV) rose by 24%. A total of 488,800 electric cars have been approved since the year began. Sales are thus 2% higher than the same period last year.

    Domestic orders decreased in September, amounting to 21% below the level in September 2021. Since the year began there were 7% fewer orders. International orders increased by 1% over the same month last year. In the first nine months of the year, there were 9% fewer orders from international customers.

    Car production in Germany increased for the fifth time in a row in September. German manufacturers produced 366,700 cars (+65% compared to September 2021). 2.5 million cars have been produced in Germany since the beginning of the year, 8% more than from January to September of the previous year. Pre-coronavirus production levels in 2019 were still 30% higher than the current year.

    With 277,200 new car vehicle exports, levels were 71% higher than the previous year. 1.9 million brand-new cars were exported throughout the year, equal to 8% more than last year. Exports were 29% lower in this period than before the crisis began.

    Passenger cars*
    September 2022 +/- 22/21 in % January–September 2022 +/- 22/21 in %
    New registrations 224.800 14 1.867.900 -7
    of wich
    German makes incl. group makes 146.100 23 1.272.300 -8
    Foreign makes 78.700 1 595.500 -6
    of which
    Electro 72.770 29 488.800 2
    BEV 44.390 32 272.500 15
    PHEV 28.340 24 215.700 -11
    Exports 277.200 71 1.909.100 8
    Production 366.700 65 2.517.100 8
    *) Estimate
    Source: VDA/KBA
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