Agreement on e-fuels: E-fuels are an important extension of the options



    Berlin, March 26, 2023

    VDA President Hildegard Müller:

    "We need all climate-friendly technologies to achieve the EU climate targets. It is therefore in the interests of the climate that Berlin and Brussels have now apparently found an agreement and a timetable that stands for openness to technology and also positively considers the possible contribution of e-fuels to climate-neutral transport. E-mobility remains the central technology for achieving climate targets in transport. However, e-fuels represent an important extension of the options. Openness to technology is crucial in order to enable climate neutrality not only in Europe but worldwide - also regarding the rolling stock. The final details of the agreement are still to be evaluated.

    The perspective must also urgently be extended beyond the borders of Europe: Only with global solutions we will proceed in climate protection. It is our most important task to develop and export the technologies that enable climate-neutral growth in the growing regions of the world. One thing is certain: different regions need different solutions – and therefore different technologies."

    Press Office

    Simon Schütz

    Head & Spokesperson with focus on politics and society