China strategy of the German governement

    China strategy



    Berlin, July 12, 2023

    Statement by VDA president Hildegard Müller:

    "The development of a China strategy is appropriate. A German strategy can be all the more effective the more a common EU-China policy is achieved and if it has the strengthening of Germany and Europe as a basis and goal. Economic cooperation with China secures prosperity and employment in Germany and Europe today and in the future. The great global challenges, especially the fight against climate change, can only be mastered together with China. It is all the more important to develop a strategic approach in relation to China, using opportunities as well as clearly naming challenges and developing solutions in a critical exchange with one another.

    Crucial here: Europe must confidently use its foreign trade instruments, but must not fall into increasing protectionism. China is an elementary sales and future market with crucial importance for a successful transformation. The fact that the federal government rejects de-coupling in its strategy and has agreed on a de-risking approach is therefore fundamentally correct. However, this goal must now be made possible by appropriate measures, with global trade agreements, raw material and energy partnerships. The guiding principle here: as autonomous as necessary and as open, global and market-oriented as possible.

    Basically, good conditions as an industry location are the best insurance against growing competition. And here Germany must finally do its homework."

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