Production and market in July

    German car market in July: double-digit increase in new registrations

    Berlin, August 03, 2023

    Still well below pre-crisis level - BEV with high growth momentum

    New passenger car registrations in Germany increased by 18% in July to a total of 243,300 cars. In the year to date, new registrations have totaled 1.6mn passenger cars. That is 14% more than in the previous year. Despite this solid development, the pre-crisis level of 2019 is still a long way off: compared to the first seven months of 2019, new registrations are 25% lower.

    New registrations of electric cars also developed positively in July. The market volume for electric cars rose to 63,100 vehicles. This means an increase of 20% compared with the same month last year. New registrations of PHEVs fell by 40% to 14,300 units. In contrast, new registrations of BEVs increased by around 69% compared with July 2022 to a level of 48,700 units. Thus they developed much more dynamically than the car market as a whole. A total of 362,500 e-cars were sold in the first seven months of the current year. This is 1% more than in the same period last year.

    Passenger cars *)
    Juli 2023 Veränderung
    23/22 in %
    Januar - Juli 2023 Veränderung 23/22 in %
    New registrations in Germany 243.300 18 1.640.200 14
      of which
    German brands incl. Group brands 164.100 16 1.132.800 14
    Foreign brands 79.200 24 507.400 12
      among which
    Electric 63.060 20 362.500 1
    BEV 48.680 69 268.900 37
    PHEV 14.345 -40 93.400 -43
    *) partially preliminary data
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