VDA President Hildegard Müller:

    VDA Comment on STAM

    Berlin, November 26, 2023

    VDA President Hildegard Müller:

    "The federal government's goal of 15mn electric cars in Germany by 2030 is very ambitious. However, the German automotive industry expressly supports e-mobility as the central technology on the path to climate-neutral mobility and are pushing it forward with full force and high investments.

    Producing cars – and increasingly electric cars – is our core business. German manufacturers alone will produce significantly more than 15mn battery-electric vehicles by 2030. It depends on the respective framework conditions in which markets these vehicles are sold. The level of competition between the sales markets can be seen in the export share of BEV models produced in Germany. This share makes up 77%. German manufacturers currently offer around 130 electric models in all segments worldwide.

    Thus the supply and production of vehicles won’t be a potential bottleneck in achieving the coalition's goal by 2030, but rather the charging infrastructure - the expansion of which must be further intensified – and the usage costs, especially the price of electricity. Three main factors are therefore the crucial ones: infrastructure, a policy that relies on incentives (e.g. tax aspects) and the corresponding usage costs (including the price of electricity).

    In addition, in view of the strong international competition for locations, the 'traffic light coalition' must push forward the conclusion of energy partnerships as well as trade and raw materials agreements with more commitment and determination than before in order to sustainably strengthen Germany as an industrial location. This is of central importance for companies' investment plans.

    Overall, the German automotive industry, as well as the consumer, urgently needs clarity, planning security and reliable framework conditions – also with regard to industrial policy commitments that have already been made."

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    Simon Schütz

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