environmental bonus

    VDA comment on expiry of environmental bonus

    Berlin, December 17, 2023

    VDA President Hildegard Müller:

    "The government has made a promise to consumers that, under certain conditions, they will be supported when purchasing an electric car. Due to the tense financial situation, the environmental bonus is crucial for many of those affected - especially in these challenging times. If these people are let down now because the government keeps sticking to the registration date instead of the purchase date of an electric car for bonus eligibility, this will undermine consumers' trust in the reliability of politics. Additionally, the fact that the deadline for funding was set to yesterday, a Sunday, is disproportionate. We strongly appeal to the Federal Government and the Bundestag to find a solution as quickly as possible that guarantees customers the bonus they planned for when they bought their car."

    We kindly ask you to note that for antitrust reasons, we cannot comment on the respective pricing policies of individual manufacturers.

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