VDA Logistics Award 2024

    Prestigious award goes to Bosch for the 'Next Generation Transport Management' concept

    Wörth am Rhein, February 27, 2024

    Another submission from Bosch highlighted by jury - VDA President Hildegard Müller praises "impressive innovative strength of the automotive industry"

    As part of the Automobile Logistics Forum (FAL) in Wörth am Rhein, the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) presented the coveted VDA Logistics Award to Bosch. The company impressed the jury with its "Next Generation Transport Management" (NGTM) concept and was chosen as this year’s winner.

    The VDA Logistics Award annually recognizes outstanding logistics solutions that serve as a role model for other companies in the automotive industry.

    VDA President Hildegard Müller: "The VDA Logistics Award is the 'Oscar' of the automotive logistics industry – and every year it shows the impressive innovative strength of the automotive industry. The numerous applications are a clear sign of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our industry and demonstrate the attractiveness of this award. I warmly congratulate the winners!"

    Müller further explained: "In times of increasing geopolitical uncertainty, mutually reinforcing crises and volatile developments, the automotive industry must find even more innovative ways and solutions to master the diverse challenges and make the complex transformation on the way to climate neutrality a success story. In these difficult times, logistics in particular is proving time and again how it is tackling this change with ingenuity, innovation, flexibility and determination. This award and the impressive submissions demonstrate that our industry is successfully driving forward these developments.

    Due to its diverse composition of automobile production, logistics and supply chain management, the Automotive Logistics Forum is the ideal event to develop solutions together and set the course for a successful future."

    Winning concept: Bosch – Next Generation Transport Management

    Bosch transports around 300 million parts every day by truck, train, ship or plane. By awarding the "Next Generation Transport Management" (NGTM) concept, the jury recognized the effective interaction of all actors involved in the transport processes.

    The transport management platform NGTM combines different software solutions to ensure consistent transparency and resource-saving use of means of transport. To achieve this, the solution connects all actors involved in transport processes - from suppliers to production plants and logistics service providers to the customer. Particularly in the event of disruptions in a supply chain, the technology and service company can ensure high availability of goods and strengthen the robustness of its global supply chains, especially as a supplier to the automotive industry. At the same time, CO2 emissions can be optimized along the entire logistics chain through the comprehensive control of transport processes. Robust supply chains now make a significant contribution to a functioning economy and to climate protection.

    The integrated platform links data, functions and applications that were isolated before. This opens up numerous opportunities to reduce freight and process costs, manage supply chains proactively and reduce the carbon footprint. For suppliers, for example, the effort for transport orders is reduced, logistics service providers can plan their capacities better through long-term forecasts and Bosch benefits above all from a high level of transparency down to the material number basis as well as automated processes in goods receipt and shipping. A central feature is shipment tracking based on material numbers, enabling reactions upon irregularities in the supply chain, for example due to accidents at sea or route closures in freight transport. Because the system knows exactly which means of transport a certain material is in, production plans can be changed at an early stage, special trips can be organized and agreements can be made with customers.

    "With our transport management platform, we strengthen the robustness of global supply chains, optimize costs for everyone involved and at the same time make a contribution to climate protection through the resource-saving use of freight capacities," explains Matthias Hecker, NGTM project manager and head of transport process management and IT at Bosch.

    "The VDA Logistics Award is both an honor and an incentive for Bosch to push ahead with the global introduction of our new transport management.

    Through robust and sustainable transport chains, we and the stakeholders involved can help strengthen the competitiveness of automotive logistics," adds Marzell Bandur, Head of Process Excellence Source-to-Deliver, Transport and IT Solutions at Bosch.

    Impressive further submission: intralogistics system at the Bosch location in Blaichach

    In addition to the excellent winning concept, the jury recognized another submission from Bosch for its innovation and feasibility.

    With a holistic and cross-functional intralogistics system, Bosch seamlessly connects logistics at its Blaichach plant with all production areas from truck intake to shipping. This eliminates the need for inventory on the production lines. The first concept of this kind in the company was made possible by a targeted use of automation and digitalization solutions.

    All information flows are digitalized as soon as trucks arrive. From unloading to the provision of the parts, all processes take place without any manual work steps. A conveyor network of 3km supplies all work areas with parts right into the production cells. The new intralogistics system significantly reduces the time it takes to get parts to the point of consumption: from five hours to eight minutes.

    "With the new intralogistics system, we have reconciled future requirements of increasing volumes and significantly reduced cycle times. As pioneers within the Bosch Group, we are in great demand and are contributing our experience to the introduction at other locations," says Jochen Meissner, logistics manager at the Bosch Blaichach location.

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