Automotive SPICE® creates an internationally valid framework

    Quality, efficiency and safety in the development and evolution of automotive software: Automotive SPICE® creates an internationally valid framework

    Press release

    Press release

    Berlin, July 09, 2024

    Globally established standard for quality assurance of software and electronics throughout the entire product life cycle – Quality for machine learning and cybersecurity – Software updates after vehicle delivery currently in focus

    The development processes of software are crucial for its quality, efficiency and safety. The VDA QMC has developed the Automotive SPICE® standard for this purpose. One of the most important goals of Automotive SPICE® is the establishment of systematic processes and their continuous improvement. In particular, the ever shorter development cycles, combined with increasing requirements for reliability, make it essential to monitor and improve the processes in software-based system development. As the vehicle becomes increasingly digitalized and connected to the surrounding infrastructure, avoiding systematic errors is essential.

    Back in 2006, the VDA set the course for quality assurance of software-based systems in and around the vehicle with its recommendation to use the Automotive SPICE® evaluation model. Automotive SPICE® has now become an integral part of the development of digitalized mobility worldwide.

    In addition to the efficiency and safety of electronic components, the focus is primarily on software. Interaction with driver assistance and comfort functions is also becoming increasingly important. For German automobile manufacturers and suppliers, one thing is clear: compliance with the state of the art in all development steps of automotive software is essential for its quality.

    Quality for machine learning and cybersecurity – right from the start

    The holistic concept for the quality of products in the automotive industry is IATF 16949 with a comprehensive quality management system that covers all aspects of the automotive industry. The review of the quality of software development processes is specifically referenced in this.

    Automotive SPICE® starts in the supply chain and is intended to accompany development throughout the entire product life cycle. The focus is on both classic software and electronics development, but also on topics such as securing data-based functionalities, machine learning or aspects of cybersecurity.

    Current focus: Software updates after vehicle delivery

    The standard is constantly being developed further by the responsible VDA expert committee and adapted to the needs of the automotive industry. Priority is currently given to issues relating to the continuous maintenance and updating of software after the vehicle has been delivered to the customer. This work is carried out within the framework of an international network of experienced experts from the automotive industry.

    There are currently around 7,200 people worldwide who are certified as VDA QMC assessors and are directly involved in the implementation of the standard. This widespread use in more than 50 countries shows that many companies have followed the VDA's recommendation and have anchored Automotive SPICE® in their process landscape and supply chain. The Chinese automotive industry in particular, with currently around 1,400 assessors, relies on Automotive SPICE® – and the trend is rising.

    The automotive industry needs reliability and planning security. This is particularly true of the standardization landscape surrounding the development of vehicle-related software. An internationally established framework consisting of a quality management system, international norms and industry-specific standards provides the prerequisite for meeting the diverse challenges in the future with safety and high efficiency.

    Anchored in the internationally recognized quality management system IATF 16949 and embedded in a series of technical and vehicle-related ISO standards, Automotive SPICE® is the world's leading standard for safeguarding digitalized mobility.

    You can find more information about Automotive SPICE® here.

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