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The “world’s most automobile show” sets visitors in motion

Berlin, 12 August 2013

At the 65th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main, car lovers can not only admire their latest favourites in the exhibition halls, but can also get behind the steering wheel.

Test drives through Frankfurt

Eleven manufacturers from Germany and abroad are making their latest electric or conventional models available for free test drives lasting up to 25 minutes on Frankfurt’s roads. An expert will accompany the driver and explain the car’s technical details. People wishing to go on one of these “joy rides” will need a valid driving licence and a confirmation note signed either at the stand of the relevant manufacturer or in the foyer of Hall 10. They can then make their way from the registration desk to the vehicles in Hall 10 on the trade fair grounds, where the test drives will begin.

Circuit for off-road vehicles

Those with strong nerves should not miss the off-road circuit on open-air site F13, to the southeast of Hall 10. Here skilled professionals will steer modern off-road vehicles and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) over lumps and bumps, potholes, extreme slopes, gravel tracks and bridges. Visitors riding as front passengers will experience the technical features of today’s off-road vehicles right up close. Anyone who is interested can register for an exciting ride at the exhibition stands of the participating manufacturers or directly at open-air site F13.

Carrera motor racing in miniature

Carrera, the world market leader in slot car tracks and accessories, invites motor racing fans to gripping duels on its miniature race track. On the DIGITAL 132 track, the contestants can choose between the Audi A5 DTM, the AMG Mercedes C-Coupé DTM and the BMW M3 DTM, and step on the gas with their personal favourites. The IAA forms the first round in the Carrera Challenge Tour 2013. Participants will compete for victory on a daily basis, and to qualify for the grand final in the German town of Essen in November and the showdown at the Carrera Challenge Tour World Final in early 2015.

Anyone wishing to take part in the Carrera Challenge Tour can download a licence shortly before the tour starts, at:, or register directly with the racing manager at the individual tour stations before the race starts. There will be three age groups: 7 to 12 years, 13 to 17 years, and 18 years and over. The miniature motor racing championship will be held on open-air area F11.

Children’s driving school

This year the IAA is putting young visitors to the show in motion. The LEGOLAND® driving school on open-air site F4 will offer children aged between 3 and 13 the opportunity to take their first “driving test” in small electric cars. The “Kids Driving School” will also be on open-air site (F12). Here children aged from 5 to 10 can learn their first traffic skills while playing in the world of Kinder-Überraschung and Porsche.

These and many other events and activities will be available to visitors to the 65th IAA Cars in Frankfurt am Main from 12 to 22 September 2013. All the information about the trade fair, e.g. the special shows, opening times and advance ticket sales, is available online on the official IAA website:

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