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US market already breaks through 10 million mark in August

Berlin, 05 September 2013

In August the US market increased by 17 per cent to 1.5 million light vehicles (passenger cars and light trucks), turning in the best monthly result since May 2007. “This means that after only eight months the market has already broken through the 10 million mark. US customers are in the mood for buying automobiles. Everything indicates that over the year 2013 as a whole, significantly more than 15 million light vehicles will be sold on the US market,” stressed Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

The German group brands managed to keep up with the high-speed growth in August. They pushed up their sales of light vehicles by nearly 14 per cent, to reach 115,400 units. In the first eight months of this year their sales rose by around 8 per cent to a good 855,700 new automobiles. By the end of August the total light vehicle market had grown by almost 10 per cent to just over 10.6 million new vehicles.

In the passenger car segment, August sales by the German group brands were up by a good 15 per cent to about 84,600 new cars, while the passenger car total grew by nearly 16 per cent to a good 734,200 units. The German group brands up had pushed up their sales of light trucks by nearly 18 per cent by the end of August, to more than 240,800 vehicles, while the overall light truck market grew by nearly 13 per cent to just over 5.3 million units.

“The dynamic on the US market is impressive. And the August growth rates that are well into double figures represent another positive signal in the run-up to the 65th IAA Cars: in 2013 the global passenger car market is continuing to grow,” Wissmann said.

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