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Valuable tips for upcoming engineers

Frankfurt/Berlin, 19 September 2013

The IAA “WorkING” sessions for students are arousing a huge amount of interest. Today and tomorrow around 250 students are obtaining information about starting a career at automotive manufacturers or supply companies. WorkING is a workshop for upcoming engineers. They are given the opportunity to talk in a relaxed setting with company representatives from technical and personnel departments, so they can acquire specific insights into the diverse world of working in the automotive industry.

Jens Ditzen is in the first semester of his degree course in industrial engineering at the Ilmenau University of Technology. “I definitely want to work for one of the big OEMs later on,” he says – and the first lectures reinforce his intention. Tim Schulze, who is studying industrial and mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, has almost completed his degree. At WorkING he made many valuable contacts with company personnel officers. “I would like to start at a supply company – I would have more flexibility there and could get management responsibility more quickly,” he states with conviction. Verena Benesch did theatre and media studies and is interested in a career at a supplier. “I’m interested in corporate communication,” she says, evidently satisfied with the offering at WorkING. “Here I can obtain valuable information about companies that before I didn’t know existed.”

The main focus of WorkING is on lectures by practitioners. Various engineering disciplines are being presented, and not only vehicle technology but also other occupations within the industry. Today’s presenters include Lisa Kitterer from Kirchhoff Automotive, Sebastian Schöninger from Volkswagen AG, and Sebastian Ewert from Mahle. They all talk about their own company and possible internships, trainee programmes and going straight into a job.

After the lecture programme, the participants can gather more impressions during a walking tour of the trade fair. “WorkING” will be held again on 20 September 2013, from 9.55 to 14.00 h.

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