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Western Europe continues recovery course in September

Berlin, 16 October 2013

The West European car market continued its recovery course in September. New car sales rose by 5.4 percent to a good 1.1 million units. Spain in particular surprised the market with a steep rise of 28.5 percent. New car sales climbed In France too (+3.4 percent). Although figures in Italy continued to shrink (-2.9 percent), the rate slowed down by comparison with the course during the year to date (-8.3 percent). Those countries suffering particularly as a result of the Euro crisis displayed growth in the demand for cars - Ireland (+28 percent), Portugal (+16 percent) and Greece (+10 percent) were all distinctly in the plus zone. In the United Kingdom new car registrations at 12 percent reached double digits for the sixth time in succession. New registrations in Germany, on the other hand, only came close to last year’s level (-1 percent). In the first nine months of the year the West European car market was, however, still 4 percent below last year’s level with just under 8.8 million new car registrations.

In the new EU Member States the demand for cars rose in September by just under 6 percent with 58,600 units. There was double-digit growth in new car registrations for instance in Hungary (+32 percent), Bulgaria (+16 percent) Slovenia (+24 percent), Latvia (+26 percent), and Poland (+15 percent). In the year to date, car sales in the new EU Member States declined by a good 3 percent (552,700 units).

The Chinese car market developed particularly dynamically in September. With around 1.5 million units sold, new car sales during the past months were 29 percent above the level for the previous year. In the first nine months car sales also showed a robust profile. They reached a volume of 11.6 million vehicles, growing by more than a fifth (+20.8 percent). The market share of German group brands in China is almost 22 percent.

As expected, the US market was weaker in September. Light vehicle sales (cars and light trucks) declined by a good 4 percent to 1.1 million units. However, this figure is statistically distorted because the strong-selling “Labour Day” weekend was included in the August statistics, and moreover September had two selling days less than in the same month last year. Altogether the months of August and September with a good 2.6 million units were around 7 percent up on the preceding year’s figures. During the first three quarters of this year the US market grew by a good 8 percent with over 11.7 million light vehicles.

The Brazilian light vehicles market displayed a moderate upward movement in September. New registrations grew by 6 percent to 294,400 new cars. In the course of the year to date, the volume of new vehicle registrations almost reached last year’s level – from January to September altogether a good 2.6 million vehicles  were sold (-1 percent).

In India, car sales declined by more than 4 percent in September. The volume of sales reached a good 216,000 units. In the course of the year to date, vehicle sales also dropped below the previous year’s level – declining by almost 8 percent to 1.9 million units.

On the Japanese car market new registrations improved distinctly in September. With 446,000 cars, sales climbed by 18 percent. In the course of the year to date, new car registrations at 3.5 million units were, however, still a good 5 percent below the level for the preceding year.

In September the minus level on the Russian light vehicle market was distinctly smaller than in the preceding months. With altogether 246,900 new cars, light vehicle sales fell short of last year’s results by 5 percent. From January to September 2013 the Russian market dipped by almost 7 percent – altogether around 2 million light vehicles were sold.

New Passenger Car Registrations/Sales

  September 2013 January - September 2013
  Units Change 13/12 in % Units Change 13/12 in %
Europe (EU27+EFTA)* 1.194.200 5,5 9.338.900 -4,0
European Union (EU-27)* 1.159.100 5,4 9.000.600 -3,9
W. Europe (EU15+EFTA) 1.135.600 5,4 8.786.200 -4,0
New EU Countries (EU11)* 58.600 6,0 552.700 -3,4
Russia** 246.900 -5,0 2.046.700 -6,6
USA** 1.133.800 -4,2 11.742.000 8,1
Japan 446.000 18,1 3.470.000 -5,3
Brazil** 294.400 6,0 2.641.300 -0,9
India 216.000 -4,5 1.926.700 -7,7
China 1.472.000 29,0 11.602.500 20,8
*without Malta
**Light Vehicles
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