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Good start to the year: expansion on domestic car market

Berlin, 04 February 2014

Marked rise in production and exports

In January 2014 a total of 206,000 passenger cars were newly registered, which was a good 7 per cent up on the same month last year. Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), stressed, “We welcome the continuing stabilisation of the German passenger car market at the beginning of the new year. However, we should remain cautiously optimistic because the high growth rate is explained partly by the weak figures from last year.”

Domestic incoming orders showed a slight increase of 1 per cent in January. However, this year January had one working day less than January 2013. This means that the upward trend is continuing, following a marked rise already in December.

Exports of German passenger cars climbed by 9 per cent last month, to 338,700 units. That is the best January result since 2008.

Furthermore, production by the German vehicle manufacturers came to 442,600 passenger cars, which was a clear increase of around 11 per cent.

Wissmann said, “We can see that the recovery is becoming more definite, due especially to the improving sales in Western Europe. What is needed now is that the overall economic conditions should continue to stabilise, particularly in the euro zone, and inspire European consumers’ confidence in the future.”

  January 2014
Passenger Cars *) Units ± in %
New registrations 206.000 7
of which
German makes incl. group makes 149.300 8
Foreign makes 56.700 4
Export 338.700 9
Production 442.600 11
*) Estimate
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