Material Laboratory Assessment (for more in-depth assessment based on ISO/TS 16 949)

VDA-Recommendations, 09 April 2013

The VDA Recomendation 250 has been prepared by the VDA Working Group "Material Laboratory Assessment“ on behalf of the VDA Material Steering Committee to provide a tool for the standardization of the assessment and for the improvement of the quality of material laboratory services in the automotive industry. The objective is the assessment of material laboratories within the companies of the automotive industry within the framework of system auditing using a list of requirements. The application of this Guideline is intended to save time and money and, in particular, to prevent multiple audits by different clients. This material laboratory assessment - which is an assessment of material laboratories according to ISO/TS 16949 with increased depth - is intended as a basic validation. This is why suitable elements from ISO/IEC 17025 are used in the list of requirements without however applying this standard fully in order to keep the time and effort required reasonable. This is possible because there is no requirement for in-house material laboratories within the automotive industry to be accredited.

Available languages: German, English

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