The 65th International Motor Show 2013: The world’s most automobile show

The 65th IAA held from September 12 to 22, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main focused on electric mobility and networking at “The world’s most automobile show.”


12. - 22. September 2013

Frankfurt on the Main

The 65th IAA held from September 12 to 22, 2013 in Frankfurt am Main focused on electric mobility and networking at “The world’s most automobile show.” It was possible to experience these two show highlights in a wide variety of ways at the stands organized by manufacturers and components companies. Thus, it was possible for everyone visiting IAA to see that electric mobility is no longer a vision, but reality. Automobile manufacturers displayed electric cars in all segments, ranging from small cars to sports cars, and the vehicles are not hitting the streets. It also became clear at IAA to what extent the automotive sector is pushing ahead with the digital revolution in, and in relation to, the car: Car driving is becoming more comfortable, and above all even safer.

The International Motor Show was able to strengthen its position further as the
leading international mobility show. In 2013, 1,098 exhibitors from 35 countries
presented their products and services – this was 9 percent up on IAA 2011. With a foreign proportion of 42 percent among exhibitors and 44 percent among international journalists, IAA is the world’s most automobile show, and with 159 world premieres – of which 70 were world premieres from car manufacturers alone – it is also clearly the most important show. As a result, it continues to dominate other international shows and remains at the level of the last IAA.

IAA is also the automobile show that attracts most attention in the press: 11,945
accredited journalists from 99 countries reported on IAA. This means IAA is becoming more and more international from a media perspective as well. Based on the mood, IAA once again showed that it enjoys a high level of appreciation as the most important show in the world offering the full range of automotive expertise.

With around 400 components companies, IAA represents the entire wealth creation chain – which is also a unique feature. Only at IAA can the combined innovative strength of components companies be seen; this was underlined by 65 world premieres shown by components companies alone. The proportion of specialist visitors was particularly interesting for components companies, as it was significantly above one third. Furthermore, 72 percent of specialist visitors are involved in purchasing decisions. This is an important reason why the exhibitors are so satisfied with IAA. IAA creates an ideal environment for establishing and building up contacts, providing information about the range of products and services offered as well as the company itself, exchanging information and taking part in dialog.

The highly varied range of campaigns was greatly appreciated by visitors to IAA. In total, more than 20 special presentations and campaigns were on offer this year. Visitors were able to experience for themselves the vehicle of their choice in practical terms as part of the test drive campaign or on the off-road test track. The special classic cars show presented “The stars from 1983,” which were first shown at IAA 30 years ago. The campaigns for young engineers raised the level of interest, with just under 1,500 schoolchildren taking part in GoING, representing an increase of 77 percent; the workING campaign directed at students attracted a similar number of participants, 350, as the first time it was run in 2011. The school class campaign was offered especially for younger visitors, and about 34,000 participants registered for it in 2013. This means more than 20 percent more teachers and schoolchildren made an excursion to IAA than in 2011. In cooperation with several IAA exhibitors, it was possible to communicate a lot of information and experiences. Classes and course groups from abroad also came to the show, and there was even one exchange class from China. Twice as many kindergarten groups and primary school classes came to this year’s IAA than had attended in 2011, lured by an individual half-day program dealing with the topics of mobility and road safety.

A wide variety of specialist events and congresses were offered to accompany IAA, and enjoyed very good levels of attendance throughout. Almost 30 specialist events were offered, and attracted a total of 3,800 participants. The main themes of this year’s IAA were also addressed in the 3rd Specialist Congress on Electric Mobility, which attracted 350 guests, and the carIT Congress with 410 participants. Further events dealt with topics such as production in Germany, taxation, transportation and customs policy, as well as road safety.

“This IAA is a total success! IAA has been able to set clear innovative signals with the two central show topics of electric mobility and networked vehicles. This is also why IAA is the world’s most automobile show,” said VDA President Wissmann when summing up at the concluding press conference, and also took the opportunity to invite guests to attend the next International Motor Show from September 17 to 27, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main.

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