DIALOGUES. USA – Berlin, Berlin - USA

Sleek x VDA Exhibition

19. May - 16. June 2017

Association of the German Automotive Industry, Berlin

As the city with the highest concentration of artists in Germany, Berlin remains a place primarily for dialogue; a dialogue that defies cultural and generational boundaries, and, in times of economic and political uncertainty, needs to be listened to. As a place for exhibition and creative production, it has become a centre for this debate, in which local narratives have long given way to a global approach to art.

The exhibition title DIALOGUES doesn’t just refer to an intercommunication of artistic positions, it also demonstrates a reflexive examination of the respective mediums – painting, graphic art and sculpture. Frameworks, mathematical structures, reiterant patterns and architectural concepts serve as formative aids and instruments. Ordering, dissipation, concretisation and replication all form part of the debate. Communication gives way to the random moment and becomes translated into forms, lines and surfaces. DIALOGUES establishes discourses: between material and medium, between art and the economy, between Europe and America. 

The exhibition shows work by American and German artists who currently live in Berlin and focus on painting, works on paper and sculpture including Jorinde Voigt (DE), Christine Sun Kim (US), Caroline Kryzecki (DE), Isa Melsheimer (DE), Donna Huanca (US), Lindsay Lawson (US), Michelle Jezierski (US), Nadine Fecht (DE), Anne Neukamp (DE) and Hannah Dougherty (US).

The exhibition is curated by Dr Barbara Jenner, art historian and free curator, and Dr Jeni Fulton, art historian and Editor in Chief at SLEEK magazine.

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