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IAA is not just a motor show, but also a unique event offering diverse entertainment for visitors with spectacular staging.


12. - 22. September 2013

Frankfurt on the Main

Advertising for “the world’s most automobile show”

IAA is not just a motor show, but also a unique event offering diverse entertainment for visitors with spectacular staging. The visual of a futuristic car on a turntable and the superlative in the claims for IAA 2013 took account of this: There have never been more cars at any motor show than at IAA in Frankfurt. The campaign mechanism was in line with the character of the event: Fans received initial information at a very early stage via Facebook; web trailers of the subsequent IAA film increased anticipation, and event highlights were revealed shortly before the start of IAA. At the same time, there was a wide range of communication involving posters, online advertising and radio adverts in the style of great classic cinema trailers.

Online ticketing started in December of the previous year for the first time. For the first time, IAA gift ticket costing 18 euros was offered for two successive public days. In spite of the higher price, it accounted for 50 percent of presales in some cases, and 14 percent of the entire presale tickets were of this category. IAA fan page on Facebook was activated in parallel as well. The number of fans was able to be doubled by the time IAA got under way, and is now signifi cantly above 40,000 – putting it well ahead of the fan pages for the motor shows in Paris and Detroit.

Once again, the offi cial IAA app was available free of charge for the tour of the show, following its initial appearance in 2013. This year, it was available for the iPad and as a web app in German and English. IAA app achieved first place in the business category of the Apple app store. In addition to electric mobility, the topic of networking represented one of the main aspects of communication at this year’s IAA. The instructional materials on “networked mobility” were sent out to teachers at all secondary schools in Germany before the summer holidays, and made available for downloading. The linked school campaign made it possible to increase registration numbers by a further 22 percent compared to the previous event. Growth since 2007 has now achieved 300 percent. A digital and printed “connected car guide” provided an overview diagram indicating the path to the premier highlights relating to automotive networking on the show site.

The combined publicity measures for IAA made it possible to increase coverage by a further 50 percent. Efficiency – in other words the number of advertising contacts achieved per Euro spent – was raised by a further 45 percent. The effectiveness of the publicity can be seen in the number of visitors attracted by advertising: The proportion of direct payer tickets out of total sales achieved the new top value of 76 percent.

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