The VDA Logistics Award 2020

On 5th of February 2020, the award ceremony of the VDA Logistics Award will be held as part of the evening event of the Forum Automobillogistik 2020.


05. February 2020

Leipzig (CCL)

The VDA Logistics Award 2020: Invitation to participate

On 5th of February 2020 the Forum Automobil Logistik will take place in Leipzig. As part of this event, the VDA award the coveted VDA Logistics Award to a company that can serve as a model for other companies in the automotive industry with its logistics solution. The award-winning, visionary concepts underline the strategic reorientation and the high status of logistics in and between the companies. The award-winning companies are able to use the performance recognized by the entire automotive industry and the associated publicity effect effectively. Outstanding, innovative services in the logistics processes of companies in the automotive industry and their partners should be given priority and honored. The role of automotive logistics is highlighted by the award. We invite you to participate at the VDA Logistics Award 2020 and we look forward to receiving your expressions of interest by post or e-mail by 31st of  August 2019.


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Sascha Gröbel
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