21st Technical Congress 2019

Environment, Energy and Electric Mobility, Vehicle Safety and Electronics


14. - 15. March 2019

Estrel Hotel & Congress Center, Berlin

Technical Congress 2019

“The prevailing topics of recent years have been climate and environmental protection, and therefore also sustainable mobility. This holds true not only for Germany, but also for the rest of the world. And it also holds this year,” stressed Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). He was speaking as the VDA’s 21st Technical Congress kicked off in Berlin. Mattes underscored the important contribution made by the German manufacturers and suppliers: “Over the next three years, the German automotive sector will invest 40 billion euros in alternative powertrains. Today it is already the leader in patents on alternative propulsion. One third of all patents in the field of electric mobility and hybrid drive anywhere in the world come from Germany. And during the next three years our industry will treble its range of electrified vehicles to around 100.” Mattes added that climate-neutral e-fuels could rapidly improve the CO2 footprint throughout the passenger car and commercial vehicle fleets, and that these potentials should be utilized swiftly. “Furthermore, the German automotive industry leads in connected and automated driving. In this field our OEMs and suppliers actually account for 48 percent of all patents worldwide. During the next three years we will invest an additional 18 billion euros in this technology that also represents huge CO2 leverage. Digitization and alternative powertrains show us the way to zero emissions,” Mattes said.

What will artificial intelligence contribute to automated driving? What will happen with Brexit? What will the transport of tomorrow be like? How is digitization changing production? These and other questions are in the spotlight on the second day of the 21st Technical Congress organized by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in Berlin. Top-level speakers from industry and politics are highlighting opportunities and challenges for tomorrow’s mobility, transport, logistics and production, in both plenary and specific technical sessions.

VDA Managing Director Dr. Joachim Damasky emphasized the important role of artificial intelligence (AI) in automated driving functions: “Automation and connectivity are two of the central drivers of innovation in the automotive industry. AI is also a deciding factor when it comes to deploying connected and automated vehicles in highly complex traffic situations. AI will be essential for realizing ‘Vision Zero’, that is, a future without accidents.” Dr. Damasky continued, “For this vision to become reality, AI systems must evaluate digitized data. The applications become better, the more data they can evaluate.” Dr. Damasky underscored the fact that manufacturers and suppliers drive forward the development of AI systems with the required caution: “AI applications do not learn in an uncontrolled way. Instead the algorithm is trained because the applications will be used in safety-relevant parts of the vehicle. Moreover, they must satisfy the international regulations for approving technical vehicle systems. The German automotive industry sees huge opportunities in AI technology and is driving its development forward with care.”

Impressions from the Exhibition

In addition to the 21st Technical Congress the participants got again the possibility to visit a large exhibition with numerous interesting exhibits. Companies, universities and institutions presented their products and offered an ambience for the congress participants to have had intensive discussions during the breaks.

Evening event in the Arminius Markthalle

With the evening event in the Arminius Market Hall in Mitte / Moabit this year, there was a gathering with excellent musical and culinary entertainment and the opportunity to go on a lively and interactive "gastronomic discovery tour".

Congress Proceedings

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We thank our partners for the kind cooperation and the support of the 21st Technical Congress.


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