“The Automobile in Art” – a selection from the art collection of Gottfried Schultz exhib-ited at the VDA

For two months, the VDA hosted the Gottfried Schultz collection


06. November 2013 - 18. January 2014

VDA, Berlin

For two months, the VDA hosted the Gottfried Schultz collection. This was presented at the VDA’s premises in the capital together with Robert Rademacher, the instigator of the collection, member of the Administrative Board of the Gottfried Schulz Group, and president of the Central Federation of the German Motor Trade (ZDK). The exhibition was held of the suggestion and invitation of VDA President Matthias Wissmann, under the responsibility of Stefanie Soltek, née Rademacher and the Düsseldorf curator, Julia Ritterskamp.

Involvement with the car does not know any geographical, national, religious or sociocultural boundaries. For more than 125 years, the relationship between people and cars has been characterized by passion and a thrill for technology. The car is a symbol of mobility and freedom, belief in progress and social change. The car has found its way into many areas of life, both in private and public spheres, into language, our imagery and art. The exhibition highlighted this mutual blending with a large number of paintings, photographs, collages, sculptures and other works of art, all sharing one common denominator – the car.

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