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Suppliers again succeeded in increasing the previous year’s turnover by 5 percent.

The Situation in the supplier industry

German suppliers can look back on a successful year 2015. The companies increased sales for the third year in a row. At 75.8 billion euros, their revenues exceed the previous year’s level by a good 3 percent. With domestic customers, manufacturers of components and accessories for motor vehicles turned over 46.9 billion euros (up 2 percent). Foreign sales increased by a solid 5 percent to 28.9 billion euros. Export sales thereby rose faster than domestic turnover in three successive years. The export rate for the year just concluded was 38 percent (2010: 34 percent). 

German suppliers employed 300,900 workers as permanent staff in the past year. In comparison with 2014, this means growth of 2 percent, or 5,500 employees.

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