The Odette ID is used to identify companies and institutions.

    The Odette ID is used to identify companies and institutions.

    To the Odette ID order

    An Odette ID serves to uniquely identify companies and institutions. It is most commonly used to identify systems for data exchange (EDI or CAD/CAM) on OFTP/OFTP2-compatible workstations when exchanging logistical, invoicing, and CAD data with partners in the automotive industry. 

    The Odette ID is issued via an Internet portal. All applicants are requested to register online to receive the OFTP code. 

    How to order: 

    Click on the link further down on this page to go to the Odette portal. 

    After you have registered, place your order via the portal (see "Purchase Code"). Companies that are not VDA members will receive an invoice (initially by e-mail) for the one-time fee of €175.00 plus sales tax. After paying the invoice, you will receive an e-mail instructing you to register the station data corresponding to the code online. 

    The OFTP code is free of charge for VDA members. 

    Guide to applying for security certificates

    Odette Portal

    Digital certificates for OFTP2

    Digital certificates are used in electronic data exchange over the Internet to ensure the authenticity and integrity of data and to protect the content of logistical, financial, and CAD data using modern encryption methods.

    The certificates are issued by an authorized body. Odette CA is the certification body recognized and recommended by manufacturers and suppliers for the automotive industry. The Production, Logistics, and Aftermarket Department at the VDA acts as a partner for the validation of those certificates applied for by companies in Germany.

    Here you can find instructions on how to apply for the security certificates.

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