Odette - Developer of Standards

    Odette develops standard and best practice recommendations which support the digitalisation of logistics management and supply chain communications.

    The VDA activly participates in the development of Odette standards and subsequently recommends their implementation. Many VDA recommendations, published by the Production, Logistics and Aftermarket department, are based on aforementioned Odette recommendations.

    Odette Technology Group (TG) and VDA SID (EDI)

    The Odette TG identifies the supply chain processes which can benefit most from further digitalisation and focuses on the selection and development of the appropriate information and communication technologies which support Odette Standards and Best Practice Recommendations. The Odette TG includes supply chain professionals and technical experts who are nominated by Odette member companies and works in close collaboration with the VDA AK SID (EDI). 
    The VDA regularly submits their newly developed recommendations to the Odette TG for review and adoption/further development for use on a European level.

    Finished Vehicle Logistics

    In 2019, Odette, VDA and ECG (Association of European Vehicle Logistics), formed an alliance to share experience and develop standards to meet the business requirements of both the OEMs and their service providers in outbound logistics - view overview.
    The first result of this alliance was a set of UN/EDIFACT and XML messages covering the complete FVL communication process. These messages are now being implemented by several vehicle manufacturers, compound operators and vehicle forwarders and have seen further enhancements arising from the implementation experience. Odette and ECG have subsequently worked together to produce a set of KPIs for FVL and a standardised VIN label to make vehicle processing more efficient and to include the latest information requirements such as Fuel Type.

    View FVL toolkit

    Collaborating to meet regulatory obligations

    Odette and its National Association members constantly monitor national and international regulatory landscapes and are currently launching a number of initiatives to help the Industry overcome upcoming challenges in the following areas:

    Emissions calculation and reporting guidelines

    ECG and VDA have worked together to develop a guideline, framing the application of ISO 14083, to standardize transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting within automotive supply chains. The current guideline focuses on GHG emissions measured as CO2 equivalents (CO2e) and defines responsibilities and standard reporting procedures. Download the Guideline
    Odette supports the next step of the initiative by providing its technical expertise to develop a set of standard digital messages to exchange the emissions data and form the basis of a standardised interface for use by OEMs, suppliers, and LSPs.

    VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) and eInvoicing

    The automotive sector, adept at eInvoicing using EDIFACT messages, is approaching a critical juncture with the advent of the ViDA Directive. 
    While the automotive industry has tailored its e-invoicing standards to suit automatic processing and domestic tax transactions, the ViDA Directive steers a new route towards a unified standard for cross-border invoicing. Given the current non-alignment of EN16931 with automotive industry needs, the new route presents major challenges such as a potential surge in invoice volumes and more complex validation routines. Odette is gathering eInvoicing, VAT and technology experts from OEMs, Suppliers and technology providers to review and understand the upcoming regulations and consider ways to support members in being compliant with those regulations.

    Packaging in the Circular Economy

    The focus on environmental protection is bringing an increase in regulations aimed at reducing packaging waste and eliminating single use plastic packaging. To comply with the new regulations, companies need to collect and report much more data about packaging constituent parts.
    The VDA and other national associations asked Odette to set up a Working Group with the objective to create a common understanding of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations and to develop digital standards to support the collection and reporting of Packaging Data as well as initiating other actions to reduce packaging waste and associated CO2 emissions.