Market developments

    Impact of corona crisis on the automotive industry

    Revenue for the entire German automotive industry fell by 13% to 379.3 billion euros – the lowest level since 2014.

    Revenue for the entire German automotive industry fell by 13% to 379.3 billion euros – the lowest level since 2014.

    Turnover in the automotive industry, OEMs and suppliers

    Due to the unprecedented slump in manufacturing and exports on the part of the automotive industry in Germany, turnover by domestic companies also fell significantly. Compared with the previous high of 2019, revenue fell by 13% to 379.3 billion euros – the lowest level since 2014. The most significant slump was recorded in the second quarter with -46%. However, businesses generated a 9% increase in revenue again in the fourth quarter. Overall, turnover from domestic customers amounted to 136.4 billion euros and fell by 11%, slightly less than export revenues, which fell by 14% to 242.9 billion euros. The latter includes sales to countries outside the Eurozone, which fell 12% short of the previous year's level and amounted to 170.6 billion euros. Within the Eurozone, the companies generated 72.3 billion euros turnover – 18% less than in the previous year.

    OEMs turnover

    Due to lower manufacturing and export volumes and declines in the domestic passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, manufacturers of motor vehicles and engines were unable to increase their revenues last year. They generated 297.4 billion euros (-14%), falling below the 300-billion-euro threshold for the first time since 2014. Against the backdrop of a shrinking domestic market, the manufacturers turned over 89.7 billion euros in Germany (-11%). Export revenue fell more sharply than its domestic counterpart, at 15% to 207.7 billion euros. Business outside the Eurozone diminished by 12% to 152.8 billion euros. Within the Eurozone, manufacturing companies turned over 54.9 billion euros, around one-fifth (-21%) less than in 2019.

    Suppliers‘ turnover

    In 2020, automotive suppliers recorded a decline in turnover for the second year in succession. They generated 70.9 billion euros, the lowest figure since 2013, representing a decline of 11%. Business with foreign customers remained 10% below the strong level of the previous year, amounting to 30.3 billion euros. Due to a decline in passenger car production, domestic sales fell 12% short of the 2019 figure (40.6 billion euros). Among suppliers, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles achieved a turnover of 8.2 billion euros in 2020 (-15%). Manufacturers of other parts and accessories generated the lion's share of revenue within the automotive supply industry at 62.6 billion euros (-11%).

    Manufacturers of trailers and bodies‘ turnover

    Following the decline in the previous year, German manufacturers of trailers and bodies again saw a drop in turnover in 2020. They achieved the lowest level since 2014 – 11.0 billion euros (-9%). However, turnover in the fourth quarter was already up again by 9%. In 2020, business with domestic customers developed significantly better than export revenue. Domestic sales fell by 6% to 6.1 billion euros, while foreign sales fell much more sharply, by 13%, to 4.9 billion euros. Export revenue within the Eurozone fell by 16 % to just under 2.7 billion euros, while sales to other countries fell by around 2.3 billion euros, or 10%.

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