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Industrial electricity prices

In its Energy Plan of September 2010 and energy policy resolutions of June 2011, the German government set some ambitious goals in terms of the energy transition, such as the development of an energy supply without nuclear energy with a continually growing share of renewable energy.

Development and composition of the industrial electricity prices in Germany

The industrial electricity prices in Germany are among the highest in Europe. This represents a major competitive disadvantage for Germany as a business location compared with most other European countries in the process of the Energiewende. This affects both companies’ energy running costs as well as planned location and production decisions by investors and companies. Especially with strategic decisions on future production and jobs, high electricity prices are often crucial when it comes to the non-implementation or relocation of production projects. Against the backdrop of the Energiewende, there is no reduction in industrial electricity prices in prospect for Germany. It is all the more important for the business location, in determining where the Energiewende goes from here, to keep a constant eye on the comparative price and economic framework in other European countries. Especially in the case of electricity prices, it is apparent from the significant price differentials that it is not yet possible to talk about a single internal energy market. The prevailing circumstances in the European member states remain very different.

Pan-European comparison of industrial electricity prices

Developments in the Energiewende context are reflected in industrial electricity prices. The diagram showing the development in the average industrial electricity price for companies in Germany with a medium-voltage power supply shows a slight increase in the price of electricity for 2014 as well. The quoted price of electricity generation in the past two years has indeed continued to fall significantly but the increase in the EEG levy has more than offset the falls in the quoted price, driving up the industrial electricity prices.

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