Environment and Climate

CO₂ regulation of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe

Official CO₂ limits for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have been in force for a number of years. EU Regulation EC 443/2009 set an official CO₂ limit for passenger vehicles of 130 g/km CO₂ for 2012, phased-in gradually by 2015.

Conclusion: necessary combination of all reduction potentials

Most reduction potentials need action to be taken simultaneously both within and outside the automotive industry. Alternative powertrains such as electric mobility can be successful on the market only if the required recharging points are installed in the European Member States.

The necessary use of the internal combustion engine, for example in commercial vehicles or on long journeys, should be backed with promotion of renewable fuels. The table below gives an overview of the areas of joint action for the automotive industry and politicians.

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