Environment and Climate

Invitation to the "IAA Dialog"

Questions and answers around the mobility debate

Various organizations and groups have called for demonstrations coinciding with the IAA. They are concerned with greater environmental protection.

We share this need to protect our climate. We also share the aims of the Paris Agreement. The IAA will demonstrate that the German automotive industry is working hard to develop alternative drives and sustainable mobility.

The IAA has long since ceased to be merely an automotive trade fair, but is now the key event for the future of mobility. It will present numerous innovations, including e-mobility, autonomous driving and connected mobility. More than 200 top CEOs, visionaries, unconventional thinkers and other inspirational figures will debate the future of mobility at the IAA Conference.


The VDA has invited critics of the IAA to take part in this debate. We want to face this criticism of our industry, discuss the issues in an open manner and seek constructive solutions. Here we would like to address in advance the main points raised by the protestors.

VDA-Präsident Mattes zum IAA Dialog

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