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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.

What is "NEVADA-Share & Secure"?

Germany leads in the field of vehicle development, vehicle production, and in the optimization of vehicle safety. This position will be further strengthened with the creation of new safety relevant systems. With "NEVADA-Share & Secure"*, the German automotive industry has developed a concept that enables the secure transmission of data generated in the vehicle and makes it usable for public authorities and industry. This will improve road safety whilst promoting the development of digital innovations and new business models.

By using the data generated in vehicles, public authorities such as the fire brigade and the police, can significantly improve road safety. Furthermore, by analyzing this data, in conjunction with traffic infrastructure data, it is possible to identify traffic congestion as soon as it arises, to locate black ice more efficiently or to detect accidents. The infrastructure data must, however, be provided by public authorities. The scale of analysis potential can clearly offer added value with regard to safety on the road.

The "NEVADA Share & Secure"* concept ensures and maintains protection of the vehicle security sphere as well as the business interests of all service providers who wish to access data generated in the vehicle. The simple structure of the concept significantly contributes to the protection of the vehicle infrastructure and the security of the vehicle, whilst ensuring fair commercial use of the data.

Depending on their authorization, service providers can receive the same data generated in the vehicle at the same time as the vehicle manufacturers. This data can be obtained and used via a standardized interface from the vehicle manufacturers servers or from neutral servers. Thus, the "NEVADA Share & Secure"* concept enables the simultaneous development of customer-oriented services and provides the relevant data from the vehicle to the service without delay. It also provides the framework for the collection of timing dependent data in the vehicle, which can then be transferred following specific event triggers or based on a defined time schedule.

Uniform conditions exist for all service providers who access data from the neutral servers so that fair competition for the development of digital innovations and new business models can take place on an international level. Since access can take place via existing servers of the vehicle manufacturers, "NEVADA-Share & Secure" * can already be implemented in the short to medium term. This will support the simultaneous development of a fair market around new business models. The data generated in the vehicle can be integrated by companies into apps and services that they develop for mobile devices.

The "NEVADA-Share & Secure" * concept offers all service providers the option to obtain vehicle-generated data generated from the vehicle manufacturer's server or a neutral server. To ensure vehicle safety, only the car manufacturer is authorized to access the vehicle directly and remotely retrieve or install updates. This enables vehicle manufacturers to take all the necessary security measures to protect the vehicle. Access to vehicle data for repair and maintenance via the OBD-2 diagnostic interface installed in the vehicle is unaffected.

Vehicle owners have full control over personal data generated by their vehicle at all times. They can decide for themselves which data they make available to whom and who provides which services. The vehicle owner can specify which services are linked to the data generated in their vehicle and revoke or extend this license at any time. A further advantage for the consumer is that the use of the data for personalized applications is permitted, facilitating a fair exchange of personal data against services.

The transfer and usage of data usage within "NEVADA-Share & Secure" * is compliant with European Union regulations, the guidelines of the "Ethics Commission on Automated and Connected Driving" and, of course, with German law. With "NEVADA-Share & Secure"*, the German automotive industry has developed a concept and implementation framework that is forward looking and sustainable across multiple industry sectors and forms a basis for the development of new business models and innovation.

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