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Networked mobility

Information and communication systems in the vehicle and the network of transportation systems with road traffic and the infrastructure are a key topic for the automobile industry and the networked mobility.

Networked mobility

Information and communication systems in the vehicle and the network of transportation systems with road traffic and the infrastructure are a key topic for the automobile industry. Car IT is the primary basis for innovation in the coming generation of vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers and vehicles are becoming service providers for networked mobility that detect the needs of the driver and stand ready with assistance.

The vehicle is becoming a communications hub for networked mobility. Cooperative ventures between partners from information technology and government or public actors are required. They must face the infrastructural and technical challenges of networked mobility to establish a legally secure basis for all involved, and generate appropriate business models.

Cars are driving through cities quietly and without emissions; none of them is going too fast or too slowly. Traffic jams are prevented at source. Vehicles cannot ignore red traffic lights or enter the wrong lane by mistake. Driving times can be planned across long routes, and the search for a parking space is a thing of the past.

This scenario seems hard to imagine today, but it might become reality in the future through networked mobility. However, the path to this goal must be evolutionary, not revolutionary.



Easily moving, safe transportation is an indicator in any country in the world of economic growth and well-being. The transportation of the future must be intelligently networked to take advantage of the opportunities IT offers for optimizing mobility. Thanks to the new possibilities of the digital revolution, vehicles are getting more and more intelligent. The interaction of vehicles with infrastructure is one positive consequence of the changes in mobility concerning networked mobility.

Networking is the basis for a high-performance transportation system. The intelligent networking of vehicles and the digitalization in and around the automobile will revolutionize transportation. Networking makes the precise control of freight transport possible over long stretches and different transportation systems. How the networking of transportation will look in 20 years is of course not yet clear. But one thing is certain: information exchange and communications will play an outstanding role for the networked mobility. The technical innovations on which the German automobile industry is hard at work will enable additional progress in vehicle safety, environmental friendliness and comfort. We will grow ever closer to the vision of accident-free transportation through networked mobility.

Germany should become the leading market for, and leading provider of, mobility. The Federal Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure has therefore worked with the Federal Road Research Institute (BASt) to develop the research framework program “Roads in the 21st century – Innovative road construction in Germany”. This should help further functionally develop the road in the sense of the common good. Using information and communication systems, an intelligent transportation infrastructure should be created that leverages user-friendly networking between different transportation systems to enable sustainable individual networked mobility.

With its technology road map, the automobile industry supports the concept of “Roads in the 21st century”. The increasing power of electronic systems in on-board electronics permits modern driver assistance and infotainment systems, which can even include partially or highly automated driving functions. The integration of additional information from the infrastructure, from other vehicles and traffic participants, and from service providers (OEMs and third parties) using “vehicle to vehicle communication” (V2X communication) and the “Internet of things” is driving this development of networking forward.

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