Innovation and Technology

VDA Raw Materials Committee

The VDA’s Raw Materials Committee carries out the preparatory work for political and technical representation by the VDA office, in particular in the field of materials technology. Its remit includes standardization, quality assurance, environmental considerations, technical legislation, and innovation. It takes a comprehensive view of materials and associated production processes.

Current publications from the VDA’s materials-related working groups

VDA Test Sheet 230-207

Resistance of metallic materials to corrosion from fuels

VDA Test Sheet 230-218

Plastic Roll Goods for Motor Vehicle Interiors – Test procedures for scratch resistance: scuffing

VDA Test Sheet 230-219

Ageing of automotive components in solar simulation units

VDA Recommendation 231-200

Material record – Specification of materials and finishes in IT systems

VDA Test Sheet 235-104

Cr(VI)-free surface protection for mechanical fasteners with metric thread

VDA Recommendation 236-120

Qualifying personnel to carry out non-destructive tests

VDA Guideline 250

Material laboratory assessment (for more in-depth assessment based on ISO/TS 16 949)

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