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    Warum die deutsche Autoindustrie die innovativste der Welt bleibt.

    Warum die deutsche Autoindustrie die innovativste der Welt bleibt.

    Smoothing peaks in the power grid using intelligent charging management

    What happens when several electric cars are charging simultaneously at full power in one circuit? Netze BW is investigating the impact of charging processes on the local power grid at several locations in Baden-Württemberg as part of the NETZlabor Intelligent Home Charging. To find out how best to integrate electric vehicles into the existing grid structure, charging processes are controlled in a targeted manner via an intelligent metering system: The central communication unit (smart meter gateway) sends control signals directly to the customer's own charging infrastructure so as to selectively reduce the charging load at peak times. This shifts part of the charging process to times when the grid is under low load. Fortunately, the participants in the project do not feel that their electromobility is restricted by this targeted management of the charging processes. Grid-serving charging management thus helps to ensure that customers can quickly connect their charging points to the existing power grid. Netze BW reconciles customers’ requirements with the technical demands of the power grid, making the network fit for the future of electromobility.

    Quelle: Netze BW

    Grid-serving charging management with intelligent metering system and control box.

    Invented by Netze BW, Netzintegration Elektromobilität.

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