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    Warum die deutsche Autoindustrie die innovativste der Welt bleibt.

    Warum die deutsche Autoindustrie die innovativste der Welt bleibt.

    Sealing expert extends range of shaft grounding rings

    The modular system of shaft grounding rings specially developed for the electrification of vehicle drives by KACO GmbH & Co. KG ensures the electrical connection and thus permanent equipotential bonding – without the risk of harmful currents in bearings and gearing. By way of electrical current transfer, the modular system prevents bearing and gear damage. At the same time, it prevents noise in the medium frequency range by reliably discharging shaft voltages and currents to electrical groundings. Since the modular system offers a choice of options, each application can be individually addressed. The solutions are also less expensive because the number of components is significantly reduced.

    At the beginning of this development, a component was offered with several parts. Now these can be selected by the customer, and the solution even works with just a single component – a special PTFE washer. Applications with circumferential speeds of up to 45 meters per second and for ambient temperatures from -40 to 140 °C are already in series production. Optimizations and further solutions for higher circumferential speeds and temperatures are currently being tested, with the current production status covering almost every current application.

    Quelle: KACO GmbH & Co. KG

    Invented by Team Engineering at KACO. 

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