Innovations, labor, climate protection

    Digitalization and data

    The world’s best cars run on their own operating systems – made in Germany: Superior, innovative, and safe in every respect.

    The world’s best cars run on their own operating systems – made in Germany: Superior, innovative, and safe in every respect.

    Germany makes the best cars – in the digital age, too

    • We are turning automated and autonomous driving into mass production and making mobility safer and more efficient for all road users.
    • The best cars in the world run on our own operating systems – made in Germany: Superior, innovative, and safe in all respects.
    • We support secure data spaces in which people, vehicles, and traffic information in Germany and Europe are networked to form one digital mobility system.
    • Consumers are at the center of everything we do, as are data privacy and data security.

    Leverage and exploit the full potential of digital technologies in Germany

    • Growth, prosperity, and employment worldwide are increasingly based on digital technologies. We want to continue developing digital technologies made in Germany in the future, so that jobs and growth are created here.
    • We are world champions in the development of new technologies. Now we also want to be world champions in getting these innovations "on the road." This must be enabled, not hindered, by new jurisdictions.
    • Private-law regulations suffice for the use of data.
    • We are investing in the development of autonomous mobility, robotics, intelligent automation, smart sensors, edge AI computing, and much more besides. For this, we need strong research institutions and a high level of education for our school leavers.

    More climate protection, greater security, higher efficiency thanks to digital technologies

    • We are increasing safety for all road users by processing digital traffic information and digital technologies in the vehicle.
    • Using digital data, we are optimizing traffic guidance and driving for greater climate protection.
    • We are relieving the burden on drivers and users of cars and trucks by way of digital assistants, thus ensuring greater comfort and safety.
    • With the gradual introduction of further stages of automated driving and broader applications for autonomous driving, we are becoming a global pioneer.

    For this we need:

    • Harmonized technical standards throughout Europe for the exchange of data.
    • Common data spaces, not only in the mobility sector, and secure digital infrastructures in all mobility-relevant areas: Traffic control, charging infrastructures, online services, payment functions, and much more.
    • The provision of public data and an appropriate legal framework for the competitively neutral use of generally accessible data.
    • Powerful, superior, reliable, and secure digital infrastructures (broadband expansion, mobile communications).
    • A judicial framework that enables innovations to be introduced quickly in Germany in the international race to bring products to market maturity here. The law on autonomous driving in Germany is a good initial step that must be followed by others so that innovations are not only invented in Germany but also applied here first. We reject legal requirements for the disclosure of commercially relevant data.
    • Joint efforts by the federal and state governments to promote digital skills among schoolchildren to meet the high demand for skilled workers today and in the future.
    Industrial and Digital Strategy & Political Coordination

    Inge Niebergall

    Head of Department