Safety and Standards

Assistance systems in commercial vehicles

The technical developments do not stand still. Permanently improved assistance systems are being developed to make the traffic and handling of trucks safer and more convenient.

The future of the truck

The large number of assistance systems gave the impression that autonomous trucks could soon be technically feasible. However, it is much more likely that this development will be evolutionary. Automated functions are increasingly being installed in vehicles. The drivers are familiarized to vehicle automation step by step. There are also initial initiatives related to practical tests.


The self-driving truck is one of the future developments. In this case, the position is determined via GPS and several laser scanners on the vehicle take care of surrounding area protection. The orders are issued by a central office.

New techniques mean new opportunities. The technical changes with autonomous and connected driving do not pose a threat to truck drivers. The truck driver will continue to develop oneself in line with new technologies. This is all done step by step. In the future, drivers could act as a "transport manager" with an attractive job that offers opportunities for new professional content.

As a result, traffic should be safer for all road users, while increasing transport efficiency and further reducing CO2 consumption.

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