This report on the project Level 2 hands-off (L2H-off), commissioned by VDA to fka GmbH with the three subcontractors Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University, Chair of Ergonomics (LfE) of the Technical University of Munich and fka Silicon Valley Inc., has been composed with the intention to allow VDA and its members as well as other involved parties to recall assumptions and restrictions on the project’s scope as agreed upon during joint discussions and to document the work towards VDA. This report does not have the intention to guide non-involved parties through each decision made, since presentations and discussions during the project phase are not included. It rather complements the milestone-based documentation of the work conducted. Notwithstanding that one contracting party took the lead for each work package within the project, most work packages were conducted in close cooperation between the (sub)contractors. Many decisions on, e.g., data logging and analysis formats or research questions were agreed upon univocally for all work packages. Named as the authors of a chapter are those who provided the documentation for the corresponding work package.